School of Geological Disposal

Programme of geological disposal

Level 1
Target group This course is intended for persons working with different parts of a nuclear waste disposal programme. It covers all aspects related to scientific and technical issues on a basic level. International conventions and regulations are included.
Purpose The purpose of the course is to give the trainees a good understanding of the different experience and competence areas that need to be covered in a nuclear waste disposal programme. It is most useful for persons who have already been working for a few years in the field.
Lecturer Peter Wikberg, Senior Advisor SKB International
Hans Forsström, Senior Advisor SKB International
Erik Möller, Senior Advisor SKB International
Allan Hedin, Safety Analysis Leader SKB
Anni Fritzell, Research and technical development SKB
Eva Häll, Communications SKB
Type Online course with presentation modules, live streaming welcome seminar and course closing session. Opportunity to ask questions to lecturers who will give answers during the course.
Prerequisite Basic understanding of programme for geological disposal of nuclear waste.
Extent Five web-based presentations with lengths from 40 to 60 minutes
Examination Questions are included in each presentation
Date October 2023, date TBD (prel).
Contact person Erik Möller (

Course description

The overall objective of the training course is to provide participants with a general understanding of the diverse and unique challenges that needs to be considered within a geological nuclear waste disposal programme.

Also, to give the opportunity to interact with other participants in the same situation and experts from the successful Swedish programme.

This top-level training course is the entry to a vast set of more detailed courses that SKB International will facilitate in the close future.

Course structure

Participants of the course will be able to access a web based course portal. The course will start with a live streaming welcome event. Attendances can then on their own see and listen to the presentations during the time the course is open (approx. 3 weeks). Questions and discussions can along the course be raised through the course portal. SKB’s experts will respond either through the course portal or at the course closing live streaming session.


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Last review: May 13, 2022