Consulting services

SKB International has for the past four decades provided bespoke expert consultations, advice and transfer of know-how and technology to organisations and companies involved in the management, storage and disposal of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel. SKB´s long experience of developing and implementing systems for transport, storage and final disposal of all spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste from the operation of nuclear power plants provides a solid knowledge base, from which it can offer its expert services.

Over a number of decades, SKB has developed, constructed and operated several facilities for research, management and disposal, as well as radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel facilities, such as a sea-based transportation system, a near surface final repository for LILW, a full scale underground rock laboratory and a canister laboratory. In addition, government approval has been granted for the extension of the final repository for LILW and the construction of an encapsulation plant and a final repository for the geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

SKB International has long and extensive experience from supporting waste management organisations in all phases of a disposal programme. The bespoke support that SKB International can provide often takes the form of partnerships where the SKB experts work closely together with the partner organisations to effectively input knowledge, technology and know-how to save time and costs and minimise risk. Effective support is an iterative process that thrives in an environment of working closely together to achieve set goals. From decades of working in different countries around the globe, we recognise the importance of understanding and adapting our support to the differences in culture, regulations and acceptance of nuclear activities, and the impact these may have on the progress on disposal programmes.

Disposal of nuclear waste is a global issue where support between waste management organisations is essential for global success. This is where SKB International can be a secure and long-term partner.

Last review: June 21, 2022