SKB has successfully operated a sea-based transportation system for nearly three decades. The unique shipping capability developed in SKB has served the Swedish nuclear programme as well as external customers well in solving challenging nuclear transports safely and efficiently.

SKB International makes available SKB’s special purpose vessel M/S Sigrid at times she is not involved in SKB’s programme. M/S Sigrid is a Ro-Ro / Lo-Lo ship designed and intended for the transport of nuclear waste with IMO-category INF-3 and class notation: LR 100A1, Roll on roll o­ cargo ship, IWS, LI, EP, ICE 1AFS, LMC, UMS, CCS, IFP, NAV1, CAC2, IBS, PSMR.

The ship is built to carry specially designed cargo units fitted on a cargo frame that is lashed to the cargo hold floor with a specific lashing system. The ship is also adapted to carry 40 TEU-containers stowed transversely in two tiers. The cargo hold is fitted with lashing fittings to allow the stowage of break bulk contract cargo.

Our partner SCANLOG can offer complete logistics solutions using all transport modes to complement sea transports with M/S Sigrid.

Last review: June 21, 2022