Äspö International Partnership

SKB International offers an unique partnership to organisations where they can get information from SKB’s ongoing work accomplished at Äspö HRL. Meetings and workshops with SKB experts are annually conducted. At these occasions partners get good insite in the work and experiences SKB has developed over 40 years. The partners can also follow the work and activities on site at Äspö.

A specific web based site, the Äspö International Web Portal, is available for the partners.Information about the Äspö HRL, including the Äspö village with the Multi Purpose Test facility, the Chemistry and Material Science laboratories as well as the underground laboratory is presented. Also accomplished, ongoing and planned projects/experiments are presented. This gives the partners great possibilities continuously to follow planned and ongoing work and also to prepare for own experiments.

Field data measured from the site investigations of the Äspö HRL during 1986 to 1990, field data from the construction of Äspö HRL during 1990 to 1995 and extensions done at site and in the underground facility accomplished until today are access able.

Last review: May 6, 2019